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Our company's definition of corporate business travel management

"the process of optimising the business travel spend, taking out excess, reducing processing costs and keeping your travellers happy and satisfied in the process by delivering an efficient, cost effective and expert service"

This may sound like a tall order.

However, by using our tried and tested techniques and in depth travel knowledge, proven over many years in corporate travel management we are always confident in guaranteeing substantial savings, combined with better utilisation of company's travel budgets, whilst enhancing management and employees' productivity and service levels.

Our service is complementary to the efforts of your travel managers or those responsible for contracting your company's travel.

I trust that you will find this short résumé interesting and I or my colleagues look forward to the opportunity of advising you in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry page.

Colin J Brain


The Value of Independent Advice

As totally independent consultants, who have only your interests in mind, you can be assured of unencumbered, objective and unbiased advice.

Your suppliers will, naturally, sell their own expertise and services and therefore their objectives may not always be compatible with your own.

Suppliers respond more competitively and honestly to tenders via a qualified consultant.

Potted History

The original partnership of Brain Travel Associates was formed in 1969 with the objective of providing a wide variety of consultancy services to the travel and tourism industry.

BRAIN & COMPANY evolved in 1989 in order to concentrate our efforts towards furnishing travel expense and management consultancy services to industry and other organisations. Our Directors and consultants have advised senior executives in commerce as well as Government and Ministerial officials on a diverse number of travel related topics.

In 1995, Brain & Company was integrated within the management and marketing group known as Management Solutions (UK) Limited.

In April 1996, Brain & Company became the European associates of Management Alternatives Inc of Stamford Connecticut, USA, the oldest travel management company in the world.

In July 1997, we started expanding our ability to provide truly global travel and expense management consulting services by helping to found a new alliance known as the Management Solutions International Group. Today we able to assist clients with operations in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the Pacific Rim. More details of our world-wide group can be found at

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